#DecTheShelvesChallenge - Aletheia Prize!

So, the exciting news just keeps on coming!

There are so many of you that have (extremely) generously committed to buying 1 book per day until December 25th. And it seems that for each of you, there is an equally generous author willing to donate their books!

That's right... you committed to buying 25 books in December. And now author Megan Tennant is donating to YOU.

Megan has generously donated a copy of her book, Aletheia, and the corresponding bookmarks (photographed below) to one lucky participant of the #DecTheShelvesChallenge!!!

This makes for the 3rd prize that will be drawn on December 25th! That's 3 winners! 3 people who have generously* helped support indie authors this season that will each be winning a wonderful prize package!

More information about the #DecTheShelvesChallenge can be found here and here.

Merry Christmas (season) and Happy Holidays, everyone! Let's continue to spread the love (and support) for indie authors!

You can follow Megan Tennant on Twitter: @_Megan_Tennant and Instagram: meganitennant

*I know I've used this word repeatedly throughout this post, but it can't be stated enough. You are all SO generous!

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