#WIPTruthOrDare - December 2017

So, we're back again with another month of #WIPTruthOrDare!

I'm guessing that (by now) most of you know what it is. For you newcomers, it's pretty self-explanatory. Each day you get the choice between a truth or dare. The dares are usually pretty fun and grossly entertaining; I highly recommend them, mostly because I get immense pleasure knowing that I influenced someone to do something CRAZY to their WIP. Remember the shaved heads of June??? Now that was fun! Don't worry, I do not believe there will be any murdering of characters or stampeding elephants this round (a fact which saddens me)... we really should have added more dares like that... don't worry, we'll make up for it in January!

Anyhow, I got off topic. Choose to go with truth. Or choose dare. We don't judge. Well, secretly I do, but... I don't always do the dares either... and half the time I forget to even post at all, so... pot... kettle... you get it.

This month you're going to see a lot of "SC" references. This is not referring to South Carolina. This is an acronym for Secondary-Characters. That's the theme for the month: our SC's.

Below is the graphic with the breakdown of December's truths and dares. We also post daily graphics that are (usually) incredible more legible than the monthly chart.

Quick note. Day 1 you'll notice mentions #DecTheShelves. This is a super fun event that I am hosting on Twitter (and Instagram, but mostly Twitter) which runs through December 25th. Any independently/self-published author is welcome to post buy links to their books to the #DecTheShelves hashtag. Myself and (so far) 12 others, have committed to buying 1 book per day through December 25th. That's 325 books that we will be buying through the hashtag #DecTheShelves! So if you have a book, make sure to post your buy links for it to #DecTheShelves. There's more information about it here. Also, if you're feeling generous, check out the #DecTheShelvesChallenge here.

Have a great month and happy holidays, everyone! And if you have any questions at all, feel free to comment or contact me here or on Twitter!

And as always, enjoy!!!

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