#WIPTruthOrDare - October 2017

Welcome back for a SPOOKY #WIPTruthOrDare!

October #WIPTruthOrDare will be focusing (mainly) on getting to know our antagonists!

New to the game? Here's how it works: Each day you're given an option between a truth and a dare (Overachiever? Feel free to do both!), and then you post about whatever it tells you to do. (I.E. if you choose DARE on Day 1, you will make your antagonist bake poisonous cookies & post a line from that scene).

And... for the month of October we are incorporating The Winking Assassin into #WIPTruthOrDare. Here's how it works:

One person will be secretly selected as the Assassin. The Assassin "kills" by winking at you. If you receive a wink, you die and are out of the game (for that round). BUT guess who the Assassin is before you are killed and you will win a FREE BOOK!!! (free book giveaways will be announced shortly).

Hope everyone will join in the fun this month!

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