Hi there! It's indecisive ol' me again!

Okay, I've said it before (a few times,in fact), but hopefully I won't have to say it again (because, really, I'm not usually so back and forth!), butttt....

Big news...

August will NOT be the last month of #WIPTruthOrDare!!!


And it's all thanks to the wonderful Heather Hayden who is coming on as cohost! So, make sure to show her some love and go over and follow her at @HHaydenWriter.

I'm really excited to have her coming on as cohost and to sponge her brain for ideas 😂😂😂 (as mine has gone pretty dry!) 😉

But yeah, there's the big news! Yay! There will be more information to come when we post the line-up of Truths and Dares for September later in the month, so make sure to stay tuned for that! And if all goes well, we'll *hopefully* make this a permanent hashtag "game."

Lots of excitement! Thanks so much to everyone for all you do and all your wonderful participation! It's always a joy to see what everyone posts and getting to know your WIPs tweet by tweet.

Alright, I've taken up enough of your time! Have a wonderful day!!!

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