#WIPTruthOrDare - July 2017

Okay, I know how I said I wasn’t going to do #WIPTruthOrDare in July because I’m going to be busy with #CampNanoWriMo and busy with self-publishing my first book (yay!), butttt apparently I have commitment issues and cannot let this hashtag go just yet.

So, good news, #WIPTruthOrDare is returning for July! Woohoo!

The truths and dares for this month were inspired by the book I am going to be publishing in August (prospectively). This month there will be no elephants and no one getting shot in the butt with arrows (I know, BUMMER) but, don’t worry, there will be plenty of ways to injure your characters: Suffocation, drowning, breaking ribs and hearts. There will be plenty of excitement!

As in months past, each day gives you a choice between truth or dare. Pick one (or both) to do. Either tweet your MC’s truth to the hashtag or post the dare that you’ve done.

I’m fairly laid back, so there are no rules. Just make sure to have fun!!!


(P.S. You will notice that I only made 1 graphic for the entire month with all the truths and dares on it. Do I realize the font is small and slightly difficult to read? Yes. Was I too lazy to make 1 graphic for each week? Also yes. But I will still be posting the daily graphics with the truths/dares on it so don’t hate me too much!)

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