Review: Unsanctioned Eyes, by Brianna Merritt

Title: Unsanctioned Eyes

Author: Brianna Merritt

Publisher: Leverage Publishing

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 STARS!)

Quinn doesn’t exist. At least, not officially. She is known by her reputation as the Dragonfly and by her skills as a lethal assassin.

She is a character who is cold, heartless. She will cut your throat in an instant to save her skin… for less, even. Until she doesn’t.

Hesitation is a quick way to an early grave, especially in Quinn’s line of work. But when a green-eyed boy steps in between her escape and a SWAT team, everything changes for Quinn. Hunted and haunted, Quinn goes on the run to save her life. But will a boy, wise beyond his years, be what finally makes her rethink her choices?

Unsanctioned Eyes is a novel that ripped my stomach apart, the gnawing sensation a rabid pit that clawed it’s way through my body with guilty pleasure.

With (majorly) flawed characters whose features are so thorough and, well, detailed, it’s hard to do anything but love the people you know you should hate. Quinn is a shining example of the light that shines despite the darkness, of the goodness in people despite their (very obvious) flaws. Author Brianna Merritt has crafted a female villain you cannot help but relate to and root for.

Unsanctioned Eyes is an action-packed novel that will have you on the edge of your seat, hunched over, knuckles white, eyes bloodshot, in anticipation of what will happen next and who will betray whom. The plot, the characters, and the motivations are so well developed that they feel real, while still leaving you guessing and thirsting for more. It is a book that you will be unable to put down.

Unsanctioned Eyes is a stellar debut novel. A stellar novel, full stop.

Surrounded by assassins, no one is to be trusted. But you can trust in this: this book is worth far more than the five stars I am giving it today.

Unsanctioned Eyes is due to be released on June 27th. You can pre-order the e-book version from Amazon here:

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