#WIPTruthOrDare - June 2017

Yay! #WIPTruthOrDare is continuing for another month!

This month will see a few changes. For one, Krystle will be coming on as my co-host. You can follow her at @KrystleIII (those are 3 capital i’s, by the way).

The second change is that there will be an underlying theme for the month. This June #WIPTruthorDare will be focusing on the following theme: Relationships. We will be exploring the different relationships in your WIP… and exploiting how we can torture them.

The same rules apply that have for this past month… in other words, none.

If you weren’t here for May, here’s the breakdown… Each day choose between the truth or dare options (or choose both!), and then Tweet your response to the hashtag #WIPTruthOrDare. So, if you choose the dare “Shoot your MC in the butt with an arrow” (like it is on Day 5), then you would post a line to the hashtag of your MC getting shot in the butt with an arrow. Oh, and you have to write that into your WIP (that’s the best part!).

You can check out the line-up of truths and dare for the full month below. These will be pinned to my profile @MelanieAThurlow. Krystle and I will also be posting each day's individual truth and dare as well.

Anyways, have lots of fun! I look forward to seeing all of your responses.

Love you guys!

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