So, who doesn’t want another hashtag game, right?!?!

Okay, so here it is.


In school, Truth or Dare made strangers become fast friends. As writers, being slightly socially awkward, we now have the opportunity to know how that feels with #WIPTruthOrDare! Let’s REALLY get to know each other (but mostly our WIPs because, come on, books are better than people. I kid! … sort of). Don't worry, you don't have to kiss a follower, but your characters might have to kiss each other!


It’s simple.

Each day in May you choose between the options for truth or dare and then Tweet about it. i.e. if you delete a line from your WIP, post it, etc.

(I say you have a choice but I’m REALLY hoping that on day 7 some of you choose DARE and shave your characters’ heads, so don’t disappoint!).

See the pics below for the daily Truth or Dare choices.

Dare to tell the TRUTH about your WIP or will you take the plunge and go with a DARE?!

Join me for 31 days of Truth or Dare!


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