Review: Some Assistance Required, by C.L. Ogilvie

February 15, 2017

Title: Some Assistance Required

Author: C.L. Ogilvie

Genre: Contemporary fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 5 stars!


Glenda Melner needs a job. It’s stated right on the back cover. It’s a job or the streets but, since the door to the Magical Realm was opened, the job market is competitive, with humans battling magical creatures for employment.


Glenda’s motivation, and her persistence, lands her a temporary position at Meier and Associates… working for a vampire.


What’s wrong with a human working with a vampire, you ask? The answer is everything.


Despite her best friend’s warning, Glenda grows comfortable with her new boss and his routine. Until the kiss, when a prick of her tongue unleashes the monster Rupert has been hiding.


When strange things begin happening to Glenda—namely, her untimely death appearing around every corner—her newfound magical friends stick to her side, particularly Finton.


As the fantasizing over Rupert fades, Finton and Glenda grow closer… as friends, and more?


Compassion for each of the carefully cultivated characters will leave you torn. Who will Glenda choose—the misunderstood vampire or the misunderstood hyperborean?


This book is a fun, engaging, easy read that has it all: romance, action, fantasy, and the supernatural, all wrapped up in a pretty, modern bow. With a heroine that is relatable in her imperfections, insecurities, and in her bleeding heart, once you sink your teeth into this novel, you’re guaranteed not to put it down until the last page.

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