Legacy (Book One in The Biodome Chronicles) by Jesikah Sundin

January 29, 2017

Title: Legacy (Book One in The Biodome Chronicles)

Author: Jesikah Sundin

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, 

Publisher: Just Imagine… Developmental Editing & Publishing – Second Edition

Rating: 5 stars!


Legacy lives up to its name as it entwines the lives of three people from two entirely opposite existences, suffering from the same tribulations that fracture every society.


Leaf Watson standing over the dead form of his father, laid out on a table in the family apartment, is an image that sets the tone for a story dripping with paranoia that you will feed off of, encouraging you to turn page after page.


On the surface, New Eden Township (or N.E.T) is a veritable paradise where every life is cherished by the community in a closed-loop system. Everything has a purpose. Every person, plant, ritual, serves a function that then serves the entire self-sustaining medieval community—even death, when the ashes of the departed are burned and then mixed with the soil to provide nutrients for new growth.


However, this paradise on Earth is not quite what it seems. The inhabitants of the biodome containing this magical world pulled out of medieval fairytales are actors in an experiment, or LARPers (Live Action Role Players). As the project nears completion, when the society will be disbanded, a faction forms within this seemingly peaceful society, unraveling the family at the center of the attack.


If there even was an attack…


The question lays heavily as the main characters question, was Joel Watson murdered?


The question hits Willow Oak, the middle of the Watson children, hardest. The first glimpse of Willow shows the impulsivity and emotional-rashness that define her throughout the story. A sudden orphan, Hurricane Willow struggles with acceptance of her ever-changing life aloud, as her brother struggles inwardly.


Fillion Nichols, the eco-prince son of the manipulative Owner and CEO of New Eden Biospherics & Research and New Eden Township, lives in stark contrast to the Watsons and other families living within New Eden. As a member of the Outside world, Fillion struggles with a life that is so overrun with technology that relationships, and the empathy they cultivate, have disintegrated to become practically nonexistent.


Despite the vastly apparent differences between the two societies and the three main characters, Sundin subtly displays just how similar they still are, for the mere fact that humans exist in both, and therefore the same human dysfunctions exist.


The experiment is clear: how will humans cope psychologically to being isolated in an enclosed space, entirely dependent on their community members? However, the people inside the dome are not the only ones being isolated. Technology in the outside world has advanced so far that human contact and relationships are almost unnecessary. While the Watsons are traditionally isolated by their community in the wake of mourning their father’s death, Fillion is isolated by the media for being the son of a killer.


I went into this book with an open mind, knowing little more about it than the title on the cover—not even having read the back cover. Immediately, I was thrust into a world that was not my own, but was excited to learn about. Jesikah Sundin has a clever writing style that is dripping with an intense amount of creative detail, creating Legacy, a salivating blend of Medieval Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, and Romance.

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