Break the ice

July 11, 2016

So, a bit more about me.


I didn’t go quite into too much detail about myself in the last post. Maybe you’re interested. Maybe you’re not.


But here it is:


I’m twenty-five.


I am the mother of a now four-year-old who adopts an English accent at random times (think Madeline infused with Oliver Twist and you’ve got her accent).


I work as a receptionist part-time, and write and parent the rest.


I’m definitely not a “starving artist” in the literal sense of the phrase, as I enjoy eating vast amounts of pizza.


I have been the recipient of years of teasing from my brothers and sisters because when I was nineteen I said - without thinking - that brown cows produced chocolate milk.


I have a tendency to laugh at awkward moments. Like when someone’s pet or parent just died, or some other serious moment when it is definitely not appropriate.


Laundry is literally the enemy and doing it is basically torture. I have a difficult time just putting my dirty clothes in the hamper, the loathing is so great.


I drink tea out of coffee cups.


My obsession: commas.


My biggest pet peeve: typos in published novels. 

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