Me in a nutshell...

My name is Melanie Ann Thurlow. I am twenty-six years-old and graduated from the University of Maine in May 2014... with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

What was that?

Nope, I do not manage a business. Thanks for asking!

But that's alright, because I don't want to manage a business!

... Scratch that! I am now a proud business owner! Yes, you read that correctly! I am the owner of Inkling Publishing, LLC.

I am a mom, an administrative assistant, and now I'm a published author! I write romance right now. But not the happy ending stuff that you ALWAYS see coming... LOVE Nicholas Sparks, but when you read several of his books back to back it's kind of like watching a Hallmark Christmas marathon. Like, okay, we get it.


What?!?! I said I loved him!

Oh, wait... I can't give away the ending... My books have happy endings, okay?!?! Cough... Cough...

I have 8 siblings that range from somewhere around 40 to 18. I'm the 7th of 9. Sarcasm does not run in the family, which is why I'm convinced I'm adopted. (The fact that my siblings and I look ridiculously alike is a fluke of nature.) My parents are awesome people who are finally coming to understand sarcasm. (The 21st century finally caught hold... They were a bit like talking to Sheldon for a while there.)






Pretend play was very important in my younger years... Mostly because we couldn't afford toys. Not actually, but our Christmas budget was $50 each, so Santa got creative.

More random facts about me, you say? Let's see... I rap the songs from Hamilton anywhere and everywhere, despite the fact that I lack the ability to sing on key. I have a Hamilton folder on Pinterest. I follow Hamilton's director, Lin-Manuel Miranda, on Twitter. On Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, they referenced Hamilton. I sat 2nd row at Hamilton on August 20, 2016 and have finally finished paying off the tickets!

Now that my Hamilton rant is done... Besides Hamilton, I like skirts, heels, pizza, and occasionally my daughter. Just kidding... about my daughter (love her!). Not kidding about the pizza. I don't joke about that. My daughter is four, she has curly, auburn hair and the color is unreal. Far too many people have asked me if I dye her hair (for the record, I don't).

I'm also on Twitter, taking part in lots of fun hashtag writing events and hosting #WIPTruthOrDare. 

Anyhow, that's me in a nutshell! Make sure to check out My Work. I'm currently seeking beta readers for my recently finished regency romance. Contact me for more information!


And don't forget to join my mailing list and follow me on Twitter at @MelanieAThurlow and on Instagram at melanieannthurlow.


Thanks for stopping by!

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